11 thoughts on “D12/ The Return Of The Dozen/ Complete tracklisting”

  1. where is eminem? i tell you…D12 started without eminem…i’m an eminem fann…and i know it’s hard to see the D12 crew whithout him,but this is the real D12…Bugz,Proof,Bizarre,Swift,Kon Artist adn Kuniva…this is D12 there is no Eminem so let them do what they do best…good work u guys keep it real PEACE Y’ALL

  2. ok without eminem the songs arent that good!! i hope on the next album eminem will be on it

  3. no eminem no d12 d12 is useless without eminem they must face this fact eminem make d12 good eminem make d12 famous eminem is eminem d12 need eminem eminem is best eminem is cool eminem is good 12 is shit with out eminem

  4. Ready for Return of the Dozen vol.2 ?
    April 12 2011 !
    Yeah !!
    And eminem isnt on the vol.1 cause it was only a mixtape not an album..
    maybe he will be on the vol.2 but sure he will be on their next album
    but he has a lot of work now.. a’ight.. you know about detox
    about his new videoclip… so this vol.2 mixtape will be so fuckin good man.
    but wait for their new album.. its gonna be dope !
    enough for now… i will tell you more in a couple of days.
    peace !

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