Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Nappy Roots will bring some refreshing notes to your ears…

Nappy Roots are far from being your average rap group. The lyrical group that masters its astute flow techniques is composed of Milledgeville, Fish Scales, Skinny DeVille, B. Stille, Ron Clutch, and Big V. Oakland. R. Prophet recently left the group in order to pursue a solo career.
No Static might make you feel ecstatic with its constant, repetitive invitation to brain and body gymnastics. Its dark musical background is cheerfully mixed up with some scratches sounds. The alternative rap group’s original style, its lyrical inventivity will probably conquer your heart. Strong vocal chords, a good dose of confidence totally match with the rhythmic track. I recommend it for a listen.
Powerful piano sounds will lead you into the Good Day song. The street anthem has that wonderful ability to provide some joy all around you. Kids singing in the background, a swinging musical background, a mastered flow delivery, a bunch of good rhyming ways. Start your day with Good Day and you’ll take things easy-for sure!
Slight keyboard sounds, heartbeat alike drum beats, a nostalgic refrain totally define Small Town. If you ever loved a precise place, if there are good memories you can relate to, this song will drive you to that place. Just sit back, relax and let the music guide you to the perfect place you are longing for.
Flex is a filthy Southern breather song. As loud instrumentals introduce the song, repetitive breathing sounds are mixed up with loads on filthy details, female vocals and one emcee’s strong voice. Nappy Roots will show you their know how, once again.
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