Donna Kshir book release

Author Donna Kshir (pronounced Shear)recently teamed up with MMA world champion Mark Bailey to write his life story, but writing Bailey’s life story wasn’t their only mission. Bailey was abused as a child, as he revealed to Kshir in “My Life’s Fight as told to Donna Kshir.”
Bailey’s turbulant and violent childhood later turned into an adulthood plagued by drinking, crime, and more violence, ultimately leading to prison. Kshir tells the story of the life Bailey lived before he found God, and how he turned his life around to become a MMA world champion fighter.
Bailey is well known in the ring, as he participated in over three hundred fights, held the World Fighting Championship title twenty-seven times, is a five-time shoot fighter of the year and has won over five hundred and fifty grappling fights. Kshir adds, “Bailey’s greatest honor was being a 2007 MMA Hall of Fame inductee.”
As revealed by Bailey on his myspace, for each book purchased a portion of the book sales will go towards domestic violence to help stop women and child from being abused. To help fight the fight “My Life’s Fight as told to Donna Kshir” is currently available online at,, and

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