Feel the groove with NWA member Arabian prince

Maybe more hidden from the public’s eye, former NWA member Arabian Prince aka Professor X is nevertheless a very valuable emcee.
Let Arabian Prince introduce you into his world…his alias Professor X will teach you a dance lesson.
Something To Dance is a a very rhythmic track made of an inventive and rich musical background. It has the typical NWA flavor, yet it is an original composition of Arabian Prince’s own.
With his instrumental knowledge, Arabian Prince handles his beats with an amazing dexterity, while the keyboards’ funky flavor will increase your thirst for a powerful dancefloor demonstration.
Panic Zone combines an astute use of oriental and electronic sounds, mixed up with scratches. The song is truly a pleasure for your ears. Arabian Prince’s dark voice gives the track its full “Panic Zone” dimension. He’s taking over with pride. Follow his crazy rhythm.
Electronic instrumental knowledge is compulsatory in NWA’s world. Arabian Prince knows how to do it. Syllables dance while your body evolves on the dancefloor. You can’t resist to this!
Curious to hear a little bit more from Arabian Prince?
The 2006 released Statix track will allow you to appreciate Arabian Prince’s full mastery of electronic beats. His dark, cosmic voice will certainly seduce you. Move along with him, let the music take entire possession of your universe.
Discover more about the talented artist here.
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