A short introduction to LFMG: the North Miami Legends

The Miami hip hop group carries a solid passion for hip hop. LFMG’s enthusiasm spreads like a pandemic virus, with their contaminating rhythmic tracks and their well thought rhymes.
Hip Hop 101 gets started on a quite dramatic violin background that is enhanced by a hip hop dedicated spirit. Words flow with a well mastered dexterity. Listen to the emcees’ beautifully handled rhymes, let them take you away for a ride into a world in which syllables do matter. The flow delivery is impressive too. I totally loved the track!
Mega Man is built on some intentionally repetitive words. Cadenced drum beats work together with keyboard sounds. Let the talented emcee create their Mega Man blast.
Chiefin’ Til Da Day is constructed on a softer musical background. Again, the group’s wonderful flow delivery needs to be underlined. The song is embued with a definitely Rastafarian spirit. Happy 420 for the marijuana friends!
Dayz Turn To Nights is introduced by some massive tuba sounds, followed by some rhythmic drum beats. Symphonic violin sounds will soon take over the whole instrumental background accompanied by some soft male vocals, creating an overall romantic atmosphere. Again, the emcees are totally convincing in their way of handling lyrics and flow delivery.
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  1. From the horses mouth: Thanks so much. We appreciate the love and found the article googling our name..what a great surprise! Thanks again for the honest review. E-Mail us and we’ll get you a copy of our album/shirt/etc. Thanks again.

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