Real Talk, by Nasir Jones

We live in a society in which the words “being real” or “keeping it real” are often mistaken. So many phoney people claim to be real, when they are not- like those wealthy suburban girls claiming to be “hip hop” who are hanging out with a few black males in order to get their ghetto credibility, for instance. This is just one example among so many others…
Most of us claim to have the highest sympathy for people who speak out their minds, pour out their hearts, who keep being true to their ideals. But are we ready to hear the very truth from somebody’s mouth, more strikingly when this truth is shocking and reveals the hidden scars of a discriminative society?
The truth, to keep it real, is that most people are NOT. Most people hide behind hypocritical concepts such as political correctness. Most people are afraid of the shine of veracity, because it points out their blatent hypocrisy.
Regarding slavery or any other bloody scars of the black diaspora, many people prefer being kept in some kind of comfortable blindness that allow them to escape from any guilt feelings.
Yes, Nas dares to come up with his Nigger album. He dares to use a real and heartfelt speech…he is one of the hip hop artists who shows the uttermost respect to black culture and music.
Nas is a man who has earned high regard in the world of hip hop.
Today I’d like to honor an artist whose speech and instrumentals manage to talk to my soul each time I listen to his music.
There is no need to be shoked about his upcoming album title. Rather listen to what God’s son has to say to his street disciples.
This is ghetto talk-no place for empty speeches- just REAL talk.
Open your ears: there is a huge difference between listening to hip hop and a deep understanding of its very meaning and culture. Beware!
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  2. Thanks, Donna! I’ll keep that in mind, it’s just that I’d like to use others’ opinions on Eminem, and rap, and everything in the category because it’s important for me to have others’ inputs so I can compare… I guess.
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  4. jesus christ is the way truth and the life he gives understanding and saves yr life mind body soul now and forever romans 10 9 10 listen 2 tupac untill the end of time its a message thats who he was praying to 4 me and you wake up before its to late and he blows the gate

  5. Hey Eminem, Check out my novel, Struggle, its somewhat dedicated to you and Dre. Any way. There is no AIU. Tell Akon Peace. Stay off my territory, please or I’ll kill you with my hit men from L.A. You know what that means. Hope this email gets you in a lot of trouble so that you, dre and snoop can kick a lot of mother fuck’n ass. Remember, it ain’t ever, I mean it ain’t ever, been nothing but a G- thang baby. Feel the love, G-thang.

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