Welcome to Don Dago's raw, ripping off dimension of rapping…

His dark way of telling stories, the deep-dark bitterness that emerges from his vocal chords, his gangsta spirit make an original emcee of Don Dago. Mostly inspired by underground hip hop artists and great legends such as Tupac, Dr Dre and Eazy E, Don Dago developed his own craft.
On Da Grind seems to come out of the grave with its instrumental mixture of light and dark keyboard sounds, largely enhanced with Don Dago’s menacing voice. Don Dago has that incredible power to disperse you into a meaningless Edgar Allan Poe style world, in which the listener gets trapped, plunging into a world of tears and terror.
If you liked the song mentioned above, you will probably appreciate New Promo with its powerful, threatening accents. Instrumentally and lyrically powerful as well, Don Dago takes you by force with his intelligence. The song is well handled from the beginning to the end.
What gets started with some deep sounding instrumentals. Bells and keyboard combinations will increase the feeling of insecurity, while subtle violin notes will suggest the prelude to a drama.
Meet Don Dago, the Menace, on the block. Feel the realness of the song.
Feel unsafe with Goin’ Hardd. Remember Scarface’s “Say Hello to my lil friend”. Travel through the colorful world of drugs and heavy gun talk. Enjoy Don Dago’s rhythmic song.
Hopefully my description increased your appetite for Don Dago’s music. Discover more about the talented artist here.
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