Money is all MaiN needs…walk a few steps with the NY emcee

The young NYC artist goes by the nickname MaiN (Money’s all I need). Into the rap game since the age of 17, MaiN has his own way of telling things.
Nobody Knows, a harmonic guitar-drum combination, draws you a realistic picture of the harshness of the game. MaiN will walk with you through hood’s rough life. The softness of his voice manages to touch the listener’s soul. You got your dreams, your circumstances, you are facing general indifference. Nobody guesses what you are going through, but you gotta carry on with your life and battle to live out your dearest dreams.
Infatuation is MaiN’s love story. Many listeners will be able to relate to the touching song.
Who hasn’t been infatuated with a beloved person who eventually left? Violins and soft piano notes work together, creating a dramatic, broken heart atmosphere. MaiN’s closeness to his listeners allows them to feel the pain while the artist pours his heart out. Overall, the song is very emotional, realistic, and well done.
The Reason emerges from the heart of a true poet who will help you to fly up to the sky’s highest clouds. Well built lyrics, a faithful spirit, a warm voice, a strong piano-drum background totally reveal MaiN’s talent.
In The Air contains some beautiful jazzy accents that are enhanced by the saxophone and female vocals. The rhythmic song opens up MaiN’s emotional intelligence. Your mind will travel through the intensity of his words and sounds.
Can’t wait for more MaiN music? Listen to the amazing artist here.
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  1. Honestly, the whole mediatic coverage of all this is horrifying!
    Em has some health problems, he put on weight, so what? People should let the man solve his own medical problems…
    Like i stated it before, people should give him a break…real fans shouldn’t care about thta load of crap…fuck the tabloids!

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