Msz2much: a female emcee from Arizona who is reviving the raw raps…

Soft, mellow-yellow R’n’B female so called rappers have never managed to convince me in terms of real rapping. Good rap music in its whole rough, thuggish- ruggish dimension has to sound gritty and rough all the way.
Here is a brand new artist, a female emcee with character, representing Glendale, Arizona.
If you’re fond of good hip hop in its whole, raw dimension you are going to totally enjoy bad mouth artist Msz2much.
Drum beats, an incredible sense of rhythm, a gritty voice, dark keyboard sounds introduce the rapid, inventive Bossin Up track. Msz2much dominates the cypher all the way, her words are eroding like the worst acids. With her pimping spirit, the skilled artist is taking over with confidence.
Msz2much combinates soft/ light notes with a darker keyboard base. The talented artist imposes her style and spirit during the cadenced club song.
Gangsta Shit will take you by surprise like an unexpected verbal typhoon. MSZ2much allies verbal dexterity with instrumental richness. Her partner in crime manages to add to the ruthless atmopshere of the song.
No contest Msz2much is rich of street knowledge that fully represents her music.
She might not be known by the mainstream public, but anybody who loves hip hop should definitely check her on her my space account.
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  1. Hey, thaks for the review on my artist MSZ 2 Much my name is S-Rut im the producer of her album. Im glad you like the music we have more on my Ruttown Ent page if you want more music of here’s and the rest of my camp. Out here in AZ.. We would like to do an up close interview with you if all possible, with all three of my artist. thanks S-Rut

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