Why Sarkozy is probably the worst president in French history…

Since his election in May 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy is making a lot of noise with his so called brand new policy. Like many of his predecessors, Sarkozy made a lot of empty promises to his electors, but he seems to surpass them in terms of mass-blinding and lying.
Here is a French president, a little man (in all senses of the term), a typical Frenchman who wants to play it the American way and who seems to confuse presidency and superstardom.
Of course, he is trying to cultivate a good image abroad, but accurate analysts will understand that this man’s self pride is his one and only motivation.
Unprecedented in French politics, he is the most exposed president in the media. He displays a shameless exposure of his privacy, promises his folks an increase of their buying power (while people s reality rather shows a decrease in their budget) while increasing his own salary!
How can someone declare that he wants a France of owners when at least 20 000 people are homeless in the French Capital?
Moreover, Mr Sarkozy totally lets people from the outskirts down, unlike his electoral promises.
Only a true dialog will help to solve difficult situations…more cops will mean more upcoming conflicts. Anybody with a minimum of intelligence could foresee tense situations in the French ghettos.
While signing big commercial deals with the Arab world, Mr President doesn’t care about their consequences. Former persona non grata Mr Khadafi is now welcome in France. I am glad he gave Sarkozy a lesson about human rights. Immigrants are not always treated with respect in France, which needed to be underlined. Well done, Mr Khadafi!
I’d like to point out that I fully hate the hypocrisy of Mr Sarkozy talking about Islam, when he totally seems to ignore France’s second religion.
Because of his political views regarding Iraq, Paris is now threatened with terror attacks by Al Quaeda.
His strategy of weakening the executive power is a well thought tactic to impose his will, slowly leading his country to a dictatorship.
As the days go by, more and more French people are dissatisfied with Sarkozy’s politics, a man with a great ambition, who puts in place a policy aimed at rich people only.
He created a monster that is scarier than any Mr Bush. Whatever Mr Sarkozy sows, that he will also reap.
Just wait and see…
Copyright by Isabelle Esling
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