Why everybody should give Eminem a break…

I was determined not to mention Debbie Mathers in my upcoming articles. However, her recent, full detailed statements about her son Marshall push me to utter my opinion.
Debbie might not be likable in many fans’ opinion, but I think that we, the public, have no right to judge her. Despite the numerous public arguments ( not to mention the Court cases that opposed her to her very much famous son), despite the quite obvious lack of sincerity in some of her former statements, we are totally ignorant of what happened behind closed doors between Eminem and his mom.
The question that is going through my mind is: does Debbie currently lack publicity for her book? Is she so desperate for attention that she needs to give full details about her son’s eating behavior and health disorders?
Why did Debbie release this tell all book? What are her intentions?
A wrong and common opinion is that people who are writing a book‘s intention is to make big money. True and dedicated writers know that every book doesn’t make a best seller.
Tabloids revealed, back in 2005, that Eminem’s mom was gravely ill, in terminal stage of breast cancer. So maybe this book was intented to be her version of the facts revealed to the world. Maybe Debbie Mathers feels the need to clear her image.
But why does Debbie always need to put her son down in her revelations? Why does she overload the media with annoying and embarassing details, such as those contained in a recent Daily Mail article?
Do real fans really care about Eminem’s weight? The answer is a straight no. While groupies might care, dedicated fans do care about the music.
During Christmas Holidays, Eminem has been rushed to the hospital. He is just recovering from pneumonia. It looks like the artist is exhausted after years of a devilish tempo dictated by the music industry.
Em’s family also has this destructive habit to wash its dirty laundry in public. We shouldn’t add to it.
I think the world should give Eminem a break and help the artist to release the pressure.
Eminem has been working hard for years for our ears’ greatest pleasure. We have been to his concerts, rejoiced with his successes, been supportive when needed.
Now everybody is impatient about Em’s next album…please give the man a break. He’ll come back when ready.
And if he doesn’t, let him live his life, listen to his music, remember the good times, explore new artists…the world of hip hop isn’t limited to Slim Shady!
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4 thoughts on “Why everybody should give Eminem a break…”

  1. Isa,
    I agree!
    I don’t care if he ever makes another record, if he gains 100 lbs. or if he up and disappears and is never heard of again…he deserves freedom and privacy in his life, like everyone else.
    When he re-married Kim I thought it was the best thing for him as well as Kim and the kids. It was his first steps towards freedom and taking back his own life!
    Everyone wants to be noticed or famous for what they can do. But we easily forget with fame, comes a price… we pay the price as we are forced to give up our freedom… the freedom of our own lives.
    Everyone wants to know what you do, where you go and who’s in your personal life. Life is in no way, shape or form about living under a miscrope…
    With Kim in his life and retirement, it would of allowed him to be noticed, but live freely. In some ways I think thats what him and Kim both wanted when they re-married.
    But to some people, it is not so easy to give up and walk away from fame and fortune…even if it takes over your whole life.
    I will probally never hear the end of it, but with Kim in his life he was more stable and had the love and support of a family, now he’s alone.
    I don’t care what anyone says, they may not be able to live together, but they also can’t live apart…so where, someway they will get back together…they have too much history and share tooo much love for each other.
    Whatever the future holds for Em…i wish him the best!!!!!
    As for his mother…i don’t know???
    As a mother my kids are my life…i think or i want to think debbie has love for him…maybe we will never know her way…but as a mother, i think you can never give up on your child and if your relationship is good or bad… somewhere you always have love for your child…

  2. I also agree with you Isa. Marshall is after all just a man. Not some sort of machine. I go on boards & see people bashin’ him non-stop saying this is what he deserves. How can one person deserve so much hell? People & his so-called fans don’t seem to realize that Slim Shady & Eminem are a stage persona. They don’t realize that a grown man is underneath & he’s grown up. For Christ sakes, he’s 35 yrs old, how long did they really expect him to be immature?
    They’re never satisfied, they scream 4 Shady & when he attempted to give it to them on Encore, it wasn’t enough. Hes’s not the same as he was in ’99 & won’t be. Everyone hopefully grows up. He is after all a family man & a damn good one. You can’t say that about alot of men in general. So him wanting to step out of the lime light is fine. Jeez, people actually act like he can’t ever get sick. Let the man be!!
    As 4 tha Kim thing, I think they’re better off apart. The kids are too old to seee them fighting so much. Some people are just posion to each other. He deserves to be happy as well as her & that seems to be apart. His mom…. I don’t even know what to say, so I’ll leave it alone.

  3. I wonder if Eminem ever thought about getting a horse or two XD I find them very calming 😛

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