Crusafix/Jersey Bible/ Cd review

Global rating of the product: 4.75 stars
Born in Honululu, Hawaï, raised in New Jersey and New York, Crusafix is one of contemporary hip hop’s most proud representatives. Never afraid to carry a good dose of grittiness in his music nor to get analytical and critical about hip hop when needed, the talented artist puts his soul into his music.
A dark musical background announcing a chaotic universe in motion opens up Table Of Contents. Ready for war? Get caught into Crusafix verbal typhoon that is intelligently mixed up with soft keyboard sounds, catchy drum beats and scratches.
Dreams will allow the listener s ear to travel between the soft piano notes and the contrasting rough drum beats. Close your eyes, follow the artist s dream.
Nowadays offers some intellectual commentary about the current state of hip hop. Crusafix sets the record straight: record sales don t really matter, because the thing that really matters is the purity of hip hop. Only dedicated artists(in the real sense of the term) will be able to live out their passion with their listener. Only true artists will be able to offer their listeners a high quality music based on real talent. Well done.
Define is a lyrical jewel during which Crusafix excels at battling. Rhythmic, instrumentally rich, the track is definitely worth your listen.
On Time is a subtle mixture of trumpet, loud drum beats, soft vocals and lyrical mastery. It allows the listener to discover a softer side of Crusafix music.
To Be Real is announced by loud trumpet sounds. Again, Crusafix opens up the debate on staying true to the roots of hip hop. The cadenced song is a beautiful demonstration of the artist’s mastery and real good sense of rhythm. The track has a genuine old school flavor that will definitely please your hip hop loving ears.
Me Against The World is a powerful outlet for a justified rage, the kind of rage that invades your soul when you’re in the process of stage battling. Its old Hollywood chorus ending might surprise some of you, though.
Jersey Bible closes the album. Again, Crusafix blesses the mic with an amazing lyrical ease. Here speaks a man whose heart is dedicated to the art of hip hop.
If you do consider that hip hop is much more an art than a massive CD selling corporate industry, Crusafix’ CD should be placed in your library.
The Jersey Bible opens up the gates to real rap music that meets high standards in terms of purity, dedication and skills.
Give it a listen!
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