Swing with Tha Low Life Gangstaz from California…

Definitely West Coast in their spirit, weed smoking bad ass boys Tha Low Life Gangstaz really know how to handle rhythm, vowels and sounds. Their music could be defined as a suble mixture between Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill -yet they manage to keep a very genuine style of their own- , but you gotta travel into their colorful universe if you wanna have a precise idea about their style.
I Like To Roll is a beautiful combination of keyboards, drums and other distorted sounds that will remind you of an Up In Smoke atmosphere. a slight inch of irony, a drop of swinging instrumentals, catchy beats, a bunch of astute rhymes will make you like the song.
Loud drums in the background, soft flute notes, artists who perfectly know how to use the art of rhyming with special tongue effects-this is the introduction to the well handled One Ninein. A fast flow delivery, a dark piano background, an intelligent mixture of soft and dark will allow your ears to walk into a very specific gangsta universe. You are going to like the raw female vocals. This is how women should rap in my opinion.
Don’t sleep on One Ninein: the song is instrumentally and lyrically rich.
Rap Killa is another very rhythmic song in which you will be please to appreciate a gifted female emcee’s vocals. Merciless in her style, her words will puch anybody she encounters on her way. Beautifully done!
Bounce to This is enriched with that terrific ruthless flavor. Again, let female emcees combine their tight talents with their fellow male emcees. The lyrical effort, the specific Westcoast style, their incredible sense of rhythm need to be underlined.
If you like gangsta rap, you are probably going to love my brand new discovery: Tha Low Life Gangstaz.
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  1. gangstaz live in cali but i have never heard of a lowlife on so dont fuck about and sing with who eva ya wanna

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