Bizarre: New D12 album in April (Hip Hop Elements Com)

Read the original article here.Detroit rap group D12 has been on the quiet end of things for some time now.
The group, who lost one of their most prominent member–Eminem’s right hand man, Proof–has been rumored to be working on their junior album for well over a year now.
The LP, which is tentatively titled “The Ambition,” has now been confirmed by D12 member, Bizarre.
“We are currently in the studio working on our third album, our junior album. We’re about halfway finished.” Said Bizarre in a recent interview.
“We should probably be finished the first of next year. It’ll probably be in stores in April. There’s talk of a tour, but it’s just talk.” He continued.

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  1. Isa,
    Glad to see you working again…
    How’s everything going…email me when you get a chance.
    Happy New Year,

  2. Excellent! Been waiting for that for soo long. Isa, do you know if they are replacing Proof with a new member?

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