Eminem's Health Scare (Mojo In The Morning)

credit to Donna who sent me the link to Mojo’s article.
Eminem was admitted to the hospital under mysterious circumstances. Marshall Mathers, AKA Eminem, was under doctor’s care over the holidays according to his publicist. The reason cited was “complications due to pneumonia.” But several Mojo In The Morning listeners close to the situation have said that there is more to the story. Several employees of Henry Ford Macomb Hospital called with some serious accusations that we have not been able to confirm with Enimem’s management or hospital officials. Until we get a source that will go on record, we can only tell you that TMZ.com reported today that Em was rushed to the hospital due to a “serious heart condition” and remained in the hospital for several days. Their sources also say that Marshall’s weight has ballooned to over 200 lbs. Marshall’s publicist has told TMZ.com that a hospital visit took place and “he has since been released and is doing well recovering at home.” Calls to his record label by Mojo In The Morning have not been returned.
Eminem was last under doctor’s care – then in-patient rehab – for addiction to sleeping pills in 2005 and has been out of the spotlight since. As reported on Mojo In The Morning, he spent the latter part of 2007 in the recording studio working on new tracks as well as a new relationship. (Photos of his new girlfriend have been removed from our website in December at his lawyer’s request.) No release date has been set for a new album but it is expected in late 2008.
Stay tuned to Mojo In The Morning for more details. We wish Eminem a speedy recovery!

6 thoughts on “Eminem's Health Scare (Mojo In The Morning)”

  1. Welcome back Em!
    Glad to hear you holdin up strong.
    Nobody’s forgot about you dog, so
    take ya time on that healing process.
    And I wish you rapid progress homie.

  2. keep your head up em,get better and come out and smash the rap game with the new album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Em I have been a fan of yours for years, I’ve watched you grow and go through some fucked up shit. Take it easy and focus on you and your daughters. I know that you are the only bright thing in both of their lives.
    Your Always Fan. (Smile)

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