What's so good about being famous?

In most people’s minds, fame rhymes with glory, applause and glitter.
Honestly, who hasn’t dreamt about his or her quarter of fame? Some are even ready to attract the media’s attention at any price. If you look at Kesia Alvarez’ worthless assertions to the press about Eminem, a few years ago, you have a pretty good illustration of 15 ridiculous minutes of fame”. Some others, according to the UK’s Daily Mail, would be ready to expose their nudity or compromising details of their privacy for their faces to appear on a TV screen.
The most desperate and troubled minds, like Robert Hawkins, don’t hesitate to kill and to commit suicide in order to be known to the world.
I think there is a lot of confusion about fame. Any of us would like to leave something to the posterity to be remembered for. Some of us are more ambitious and dream of our names written in capital letters everywhere we go. But very few realize, that, unless we are blessed by an incredible luck, fame is also and often a matter of sweat and tears.
Although some people think that modelling is an easy way to earn money, they should be aware than they are entering a harsh and merciless world in which only the best, the most determined will win.
I have been discussing with a lot of underground artists. Most of them wish for success and fame (who wouldn’t in their place?). Most of them keep telling me that they could handle fame and its major inconvenients. I am convinced of the contrary. Becoming famous would probably please anybody-in the beginning, though. Yes, I know I’d love to be te center of attention, to be recognized everywhere, and even to sign a few autographs…but I also know that I’d hate the label to schedule my whole planning, to literally steal my life, to force me to spread an image that wouldn’t be the real me, to be the victim of invasive fans and to hide from curious journalists and papparazzi…
Yes, maybe I’d like to be famous…I’d rather say appreciated from the world…but not at any price.
I’d like to still enjoy walking alone in a crowded place without being bothered by a myriad of freaks screaming my name. I’d like to walk around without people bothering my family.
I came to the conclusion that it is probably better to reach a certain amount of wealth without having to pay the price of overwhelming fame.
Next time you envy those priviledged people one commonly calls “celebs”, try to think about it.
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  1. I think we all dream about being rich and famous…
    Is it possible to be semi-famous…i’ll sign a few autographs and smile to the crowd, but when i go home, i’m done…i’m on my time:)

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