According to Jim…thank you, haters, for giving me success…(The

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I copied and pasted this article for you all, because I do think that it is worth more than a look. I like the author’s sense of humor. It certainly contains a very valuable lesson for all of us writers, artists, columnists etc (I mean all of us who play a role in the media or music industry)…None of us likes haters. However, considering my own experience, I must admit that I owe my haters a lot. My haters are indeed the persons who motivated and still motivate me to go forward and to work harder every day that goes by…I’d also like to thank some of them for all the free publicity they offered me through their gossips about me lol
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The norm in society is usually to say goodbye to the people you love before taking off on new adventures.
I think we all remember the classic scene in “Titanic” – hundreds of passengers aboard the deck of the doomed ship blowing kisses toward family and friends. It really touches the heart.
But I won’t be saying goodbye to those who loved my column, at least not especially. Don’t get me wrong hearing compliments from fans I pass on campus is a good feeling – it makes me feel all warm and cuddly.
I really want to say goodbye to all those folks who hate my column, especially the ones who have left hate mail or comments on the News web site.
Why do I love my haters so much? Well, it’s really the most simple concept that exists in media. It’s so simple, in fact, that angry protesters will keep doing it for decades without realizing the effect they are causing.
Negative attention fuels controversial media. Period. No exceptions.
Just look at some of the most obvious examples. Musicians like Eminem and Marilyn Manson sell millions of records because sheltering parents think bad language will send their children on a course to heroin addiction and unprotected sex.
Want more? Howard Stern, a man who surrounds himself with talent to make himself sound like a legitimate radio personality, is still in business because a porn star had an orgasm on his show and the world just couldn’t stand it.
Even writers like Dan Brown wouldn’t exist without haters. I laughed every time I saw church members protesting the movie version of “The Da Vinci Code.” The movie wouldn’t even have existed if the book wasn’t protested so heavily in the first place. Oh, the irony.
Ever seen the movie, “Jesus Camp?” One lady claimed that if Harry Potter were a character in the Old Testament, he would be put to death – yet even after the books are finished, Harry is alive and well.
There really is no end to the number of men and women in the media who have based their entire careers on controversial success. Now, I don’t consider myself a success in the same regards, nor will I likely ever be. But I do consider myself more successful than I would have been if I were a well-behaved columnist.
Last semester, I wrote a column about promiscuous sex and how men and women should not feel ashamed for frequent hook-ups. Honestly, I didn’t even think it was that good. The topic was last minute and the writing was rushed before deadline – it was weeks like those when I just loved my haters.
Even though many students found it hilarious, it was really the hatred that made my column the top hit of the week. One student said his stomach “turned over” when he read my column that week. I had a big smile on my face.
I should probably add that I have an especially thick skin for hate mail and comments. In fact, I actually love receiving them. Sometimes, I’ll write my column for no other reason than to see what kind of hateful feedback I can attract.
It really never fails. No matter how many people become successful because of controversy, people will always keep protesting and giving attention when they are pissed off.
So, of course, I do want to thank those who have been big fans of this column and my writing. I’ll always appreciate those who found the satire and humor in what I was ranting about, even if it was purposely meant to be offensive.
But, my haters, my dear haters, it is you that I’m really going to miss. I’m going to miss waking up every morning and checking my e-mail for new comments. I’m going to miss my Facebook hate groups. I’m going to miss it all.
I had a great time with this column throughout the last two semesters. All the good comments – and the bad – have made this exactly the experience I was looking for.
But don’t worry, fans and haters. I may be leaving, but this column is certainly here to stay for a long time.