Random thoughts for Xmas and New Year…

Dear readers,
A whole year went by very fast. I haven’t seen it fly away, because I have stayed focused on things I am very passionate about like songs/ CD reviews, artistic biographies, interviews etc…now time has come to rewind and analyze the year. 2007 has allowed me to diversify my musical taste even more than I did in the past. I have discovered various artists from different countries, with very original styles of their own. Through the months, I have worked hard on perfecting my writing craft. I have let my heart express my true feelings about the music notes and vocals that run through my ears. In short, I have always kept the passion alive.
Like all of you, I’ve known ups and downs throughout the year. I’ve also made mistakes, but most importantly the mistakes I made recently allowed me to be stronger and to mature my vision of the world.
Don’t be too harsh with yourself when you’re wrong. Just admit it and have the courage to face the truth. It will teach you how to better yourself.
Life is made of rain and sunshine. Be happy with both of it. Enter into the conscience of life’s fagility. Enjoy each moment as if it was the last one.
We are at the dawn of a brand new year: don’t live on regrets…rather look forward the new promises 2008 has to offer for all of you!
Don’t let your heart become rotten with past frustrations and past hatreds. Forgive your enemies without forgetting, though, what they once did to you
Most importantly…live out the passion to the fullest…let it burn:)
My wishes for 2008:
-specific Xmas Wishes: Happy Birthday to my eldest son Marcus and to Em’s daughter Hailie who were both born the same day:)
– more peace in this world, a better and secure world for everybody, the eradication of racism, equality of chances for everybody
-on a personal level, I’d like to achieve something real consistent in the field of writing and music journalism…I am working very hard towards this goal with a renewed and determined spirit.
Thanks to all of you who have kept reading me through the years…I could never thank you enough.
I wish you all a blessed Xmas (or a Happy Winter Break) and a Happy New Year 2008…Peace to all of you:)
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts for Xmas and New Year…”

  1. Isa,
    Writing IS your gift from God…
    As important as it is for you to make it big as a writer, in OUR eyes YOU already have… take a look around, incase you haven’t noticed…
    Everyday we stop by in hopes that you had a connexion and we able to post new material…you share with us and we share with you… We look up to YOU and we ARE your fans, whether you know it or not… don’t worry about making it big, you ALREADY have!!!
    Your #1 fan:)

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