B-Real/ The Gunslinger Volume 3/ CD review

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True hip hop lovers can’t stay indifferent in front of rap giants Cypress Hill. I had the chance to see them in concert in 2003: their performances were amazing. Eric Bobo’s drums are engraved into that beautiful musical memory. The Gunslinger Volume 3 will allow you avid hip hop listeners to fully appreciate Cypress Hill’s B-Real solo talent.
Welcome to the Grand Hustle universe in which outlaws are the crowned kings. The Cd starts with Ride. After a short introduction, B Real shows some teeth on an organ, drum and keyboard background. With a true hustling spirit, an undeniable mastered flow delivery, B Real shoots some lyrical bullets into the scene. A rough soul introduces you into his world.
A suspenseful musical environment that guides the listener into a mad thriller in which gun talk prevails. The hood is a creepy universe, so ‘show no trust to anybody’ summarizes Trust No Man. The song features Sick Jacken and Cynic.
Again, the artists’ good flow delivery needs to be underlined.
In Death Wish, B- Real exposes the tough world of the hood with a bunch of killa rhymes. This is the way things are. In the ghetto, the game of death is a game during which you can lose your life easily. The piano-violin notes increase the tension while dark vocals draw you the dark picture of the ghetto jungle. Well done.
Motivation offers the listeners some insightful reflection about the thing that really makes you tick in life, a question anybody should confront his mind to. B Real masters rhythm and instrumentals. The talented emcee opens your heart to his passion for hip hop. Pay attention to his words!
4The Love Of The Game: Detroit emcee Uncle ILL (a veteran on the Detroit underground scene) once told me: if somebody wants to be an emcee, he must be prepared to be broke. Yes, it is actually a matter of fact: before an artist gets some real recognition for his work, ten or more years might have gone by. The rap game is a harsh game that will require some real perseverance and a dedicated heart from you.
Hustle Hard is built on a funky background and some scratches sounds. With his conqueror spirit, B Real takes over, punching you right in the face-lyrically speaking.
Thug Life is another beautiful demonstration of B Real’s powerful skills. With its typical Latino flavor, the song is entertaining and beautifully handled as well.
Good rap equals a good, mastered sense of rhythm, some real lyrical power, a nice flow delivery, some creative skills: all those elements are present in B Real’s CD. If you are curious about B Real’s solo talent, it is high time you checked The Gunslinger Volume 3.
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