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I discovered Scarchild by coincidence and was deeply moved by his tribute to RIP Proof, Time Goes By. Scarchild is a NYC artist who has connexions with the Detroit scene. He was a close friend to fallen soldier Deshaun Holton better known as Big Proof of D12.
Through the years, Scarchild has developed a rich musical style of his own. He is truly a unique and excellent hip hop artist. I hope you will enjoy this interview as much as I did:)

1. How did you get started as an emcee?
Rapping is apart of my bloodline my whole family is music oriented..
2. What motivated you to become a rapper?
Just knowing that I had the skill and the talent to do it.
3. What is the story behind your nickname?
To all of my fans, stay in tuned to the legendary career of Scarchild and you will find out the 100% truth of the name behind the artist.
4. What are the biggest challenges you had to face since you started rapping?
The death of my manager Don Q, the death of my mother, the death of my grandmother, the death of Proof, the death of stack bundles and this all happened to me in a 2 year span.
To all my true fans, bare with me.
5. I first discovered your music thanks to the moving Time Goes By you dedicated to RIP Proof. How did you get inspired to write this very emotional song?
Proof was a very close friend of mine. Also, a source of guidance toward bettering my career.
And our experiences together is what inspired me to write this emotional song.
6. From what I understand, you have strong connections with the Detroit scene. Can you tell us how you met D12 s Bizarre and how you both decided to work together?
Actually I met Bizarre in the notorious rap battle scene here in NYC called the Fight Klub.
He heard my lyrics and my aggression and had a liking to my style so he kept in contact and we took things from there.
7. Talking about the hip hop scene, if you could compare NYC with Detroit City what would you say?
If I could compare NY with the Detroit, then I’d say real recognize real.. NY Stand up, Detroit Stand up!
8. Who is your biggest musical influence?
My whole upbringing is my musical influence. Everyone around me is my musical influence from good to bad. There is no specific individual that has been influential to me because everyone and everything around me has been influential. From who is with me to who isn’t and to all my fans!
9. According to you, what could be improved in hip hop?
According to me, what needs to be improved in hip hop is 1 Unity, 2 Creativity level 3 Versatility!
Tired of everyone sounding the same, and last but not least, the game NEEDS me,The Far Rock General SCarchild.
10. Besides hip hop what musical genres do you listen to?
I listen to everything. I love the musical culture as a whole.
11. Which artists have you collaborated with already?
I did a track with Proof of D-12, Bizarre of D-12, Denaun Porter of D-12, Stack Bundles of Dipset byrdgang, King Gordy,Young Miles, and many other artists all across the globe.
12. A few words about your upcoming mixtape…what is it all about?
It’s all about my hood. My town, Far Rock Away Queens, the hoods thats in my hood.
13. Which artist-underground or mainstream- has totally earned your respect and why?
Stack Bundles for his lyrical abilities and consistancy
14.According to you, what makes your musical style unique on the hip hop scene?
First and foremost i’m versatile and second of all I never sound the same, and third,
you just dont know what to expect next from me.
Scarchild’s my space account.
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All Rights Reserved

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