We Run Detroit/ A Stretch Money-Obie Trice mixtape hosted by DJ Young Mase (review)

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Shady Records artist Obie Trice recently released the We Run Detroit mixtape in collaboration with Stretch Money. It offers an interesting panel of Detroit talents participation. Most tracks are good compositions which will allow the listeners to discover Detroit hip hop’s specificity.
Although I’ve never been a big Jay Z fan, the song allows me to be very much appreciative of Obie’s skills. Obie owns the lyrical part of the song. His verbal storm totally matches with a rich orchestral background.
The only detail that spoils the song from a musical point of view are the loud horn sounds. They are supposed to create a quite cocky atmosphere, but they seem overshadow the quality of the song.
Ignorant S**t featuring Jay Z and Beanie Sigel also enlighten Obie’s know how: creative lyrics, stormy flow delivery, good instrumentals. However, the chorus and horn sounds seem spoil the song again.
Quest M.C.Q.U.O.D.Y’s Fade Back song has some blues and rock’n roll accents. The artist s vocal efforts are truly enhanced by the electric guitar sounds. A raw sound, combined with heartfelt lyrics will allow you to appreciate the track to the fullest.
Helleva and Eminem are working together on the I Can Be song.
Dark and rhythmic drum beats mixed up with massive violin sounds unveil the dramatic meaning of the song.
Eminem’s part is a little bit disappointing: not that it is bad, but one could expect a little bit more of lyrical creativity from the emcee who wrote complex songs such as the Infinite song. Moreover, Em insists too much on his bad boy image.
Another weakness of the song is-once again- the introduction of those horrible horns. This is not a football match-it is supposed to be a rap song.
Strech Money’s Punishment song is a very rhythmic, lyrically well handled song. With its slight Ruthless sounds and the gangsta spirit it carries, Stretch Money’s talent illuminates the whole track.
I’m Clean : come into Stretch Money’s world, walk through the Detroit area with him. A rich musical background, swinging drum beats, a hustling spirit will reveal a talented emcee straight out of the D.
The CD is strengthened by Royce da 5.9 s participation. Follow Royce in I Get Money. Feel the Southern musical flavor of the track, the good sense of rhythm that allies lyrical talent and a raw hood spirit, enjoy his fast flow delivery.
Rewind is another demonstration of Royce’s hip hop mastery. Listen to his rhythmic lyrical bullets shot from his mouth on a flute and drumbeat background. Very well done!
Open your ears for Famous& Flame’s Skrilla Gorillas anthem.
Some astute wordplays, a dark and rhythmic musical background, a real good lyrical effort welcome you into a hustler s world.
They are coming to you like a bulldozer, ready to erase everything on their way. Don’t sleep on them.
In Dark Moon, Obie and his partner in crime Famous are killing it again.
You will probably enjoy the combination of a bass and drum background.
Dark Moon totally represent the streets of Detroit City.
Globally speaking, the We Run Detroit mixtape is really worth your interest. A few weaknesses such as the massive use of those horrible horns should have been avoided. However, let s point out that the mixtape is rich of tight Detroit artists participation. If you are in love with the Murder Capital s merciless spirit, you are definitely going to enjoy its music.
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