Discover reggae flavored emcee Young El from North Carolina…

Only God has that reggae story telling dimension. Based on a rich musical background, Young El’s rhythmic Only God song sounds like a beautiful written piece of poetry. His enthusiastic Afrocentrist, but yet universal spirit blesses the mic with a great dose of confidence. You are going to like his message of peace and unity. The song opens up on a worldwide dream for peace between brothers. Open your ears and heart…let Young El’s message penetrate into the heart of all persons of good will.
Trumpet sounds are the overture to Like A Dream. The soft chorus contrasts with the powerful words that Young El shoots with a prophetic spirit. Young El has a dream. The talented artist is drawn by an invisible force. The same force drew great personalities such as Martin Luther King. Young El possesses some real good artistic quality: a very warm voice, an excellent sense of rhythm, a dedicated artistic spirit, good instrumental.
Black unity is a leitmotiv that appears in his music. He is a man of faith who knows that ‘to see is to possess’. His visionary spirit will allow the listener to spread faith around the world.
Klimbin will elevate the listeners into a deep spiritual dimension. He takes position against the numerous killings, he is fighting for his folks.
Jungle Prophesy pays tribute to Young El’s Cameroonian origins. Too many black emcees seem to forget that before being Americans , they are African American. Some of them even seem too proud to recognized that they are deeply rooted with Africa.
Young El’s drums will remind you of the African continent. His flow delivery on this song is remarkable.
If you like what you heard until now, you are going to like Koro Massa. Swinging drum beats, strong violin sounds in the background, a repetitive chorus, a man who handles lyrics very well, that what makes Koro Massa’s originality.
Dance along the rhythmic song.
Hungry for more Young El? Check the talented emcee here.
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    I want you to know the book is being released in three months, if your still interested in promoting it…get back to me either way so i know if i have or have to find a publicist.
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