Good Will Hunting (movie review)

Rating of the movie:4 stars
Good Will Hunting is a complex Gus Van Sant movie that came out in 1997.
A lot of people in this world do possess a stereotyped view of geniuses. According to them, geniuses are supposed to be brilliant pupil who pass each exam with an amazing ease and whose path to a brilliant, successful life is already traced.
The reality is often very different. Many real life situations tend to prove that the genius can be hidden behind a guy with no education, the average and ordinary person we won’t even pay attention to.
Will is an M.I.T janitor, an ordinary guy from the Boston hood, who comes from a dysfunctional family. He also has some criminal records at his active, yet he can solve very complex mathematic equations.
The discovery of Will’s brilliant mind could open him the door to brand new perspectives. However, because of his criminal records, Will has to undergo counselling if he wants to be able to work with the professor who discovered his talent.
Through Will’s counselling, the viewer will understand the difficulty of a deeply wounded mind who has been physically abused by his father. Growing up in the hood can leave deep scars into a man’s brain.
As the councelling goes on, Will learns how to understand and to accept his own failures.
He also refuses to turn his back to the place he grew up in, despite the brilliant future his professor promises him-far away from his place.
Matt Damon stars in the role of Will. He unveils for us the true meaning of happiness, which has nothing to do with climbing the hierarchy of social classes, nor does it have to do with I.Q.
True happiness is a matter of acceptance and interior fulfillment.
My advice: watch the movie…it has a lot to teach about real life situations!
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