P.Money Bags aka Mr Broham, the Detroit emcee who symbolizes the green banknotes…

Here he comes, like an impressing verbal typhoon, overflooding your ears with his lyrical ease. Hood hustler, Mr Broham takes over on a very loud, alarming musical background that suddenly closes on bell sounds on his They Don’t Like That song. Among his best qualities, an experience that goes back to the tender age of 12, a nice flow delivery, a conquerror spirit, a strong voice and a good sense of rhythm. Of couse, some rivals don’t like that!
BankknotPimpin features Californian artists JT Bigga and Malik. The complex musical background made of flute songs, swinging keyboard and drum sounds totally enhance the trio’s vocal efforts. P.I.M.P.S are back, hustling around, making cheddar everywhere they go.
King Of The Crack Rap is built on violins and cadenced drum beats. P. Money flows like crazy, his mind on the money and on dirty business. Feel the dramatic atmosphere of the track, the darkness suggested by heartbeat alike drums. Money maker, drug seller, hood boy, P. Money struggles to make his dirty dough. He’s pimping the streets, he’s pimping his beats and you listeners are going to like the king of the crack rap’s talent.
Every Time You See Me is built on soft vocals that totally contrast with P Money’s raw reps. Again a rich musical background is here to please you ears. P. Money definitely knows how to do it.
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