Alpha-Bet of Bang On The Table Productions collaborate with Bizarre (Real Detroit Weekly)

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the zone
by Origix
Producing has been a hobby of Alphabet for the last ten years, but in the last two years Alphabet has become serious about making it a career. On the release of Bizzare’s Blue Cheese and Coney Island, Alphabet found his music featured. “Bizarre and their crew was hearing about me, and most of his album was recorded at Mix Factory Studios, which is the studio I work out of,” Alphabet says. “I.V. Duncan hooked it up to hear my tracks, the ‘Animal’ beat was the first they heard and Bizarre was like, ‘That’s it! That’s the one. I don’t need to hear anything else!’ Then they went right in on recording ‘Animal.’” He also produced most of Lazarus’ album, The Prince Who Would be King, inventing the single “Let the Game Know” with a video directed by Detroit’s Anthony Garth. “I want to produce a track for Royce [da] 5’9″ — something to really challenge his flow, because I think he has one of the best in the game, period,” Alphabet says. Look for The Warm Up: One Take Mixtape with Delo. More: | RDW
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