The return of Sick Notes soldier Dogmatic

It is no coincidence if Kevin Bailey aka Dogmatic chose the dramatic date of September the 11 th as a release date for his Reality Show mixtape: it will take you by surprise like a plane crash and generate an astute word explosion around you.
Dogmatic is probably one of the truest 8 Mile representative. Close friend to RIP Proof who teamed up with the skilled emcee on the Promatic CD, Dogmatic draws you the Detroit hood in its whole dirty and horrendous dimension.
I will offer you the opportunity to discover a few tracks straight out of Dogmatic’s brand new mixtape.
Cry is built on a dark, dramatic violin background that is interrupted with Dogmatic’s declamative “Cry”. Not afraid to attack the commercialized side of the rap game, Dogmatic will get you caught into a powerful ,verbal tornado, an astute lyrical creation of his own. Enter a world of psychosis during which bullets might make you an easy target if you walk by in the Detroit hood.
Meet a spirit of ghetto rage that depicts a world of insecurity. Dogmatic excels in building up terrific punchlines that mark the beginning of a war.
Whut It Be Like features Phive Starr. My ear is particularly sensitive to the soft saxophone sounds that meet handclaps. The jazzy soul background of the track particularly matches with the spirit of the song. Lyrically Dogmatic is taking over with his high quality hip hop.
You Don’t Know Me is a very swinging track featuring J.U.S-Sicknotes Soljo.
The scurillous track possesses that magical dynamism coming from artists who live out their passion. Listen to the OG duo and meet them in the Detroit hood. Well done.
King Of Detroit has some West Coast sonorities. Dogmatic has a powerful vocal presence to offer to his attentive listeners. The excellent artist is an observer of the typical Detroit environment.
Drink Yo Drink is a happy, humorous and rhythmic track during which Matic is drowning into a a world made of alcoholic drinks. Catch Dogmatic with his inventive lyrics and let him transport you into his world.
Flute, violin and loud drum sounds lead you into Dogmatic’s powerful Drama song.
Enemies, be prepared to get laid in no time. Dogmatic punches his opponents with some explosive lyrics.
Track Nr 15, Preview Thug S**t features Proof and another Detroit talent, J-Hill.
Meet them soldiers on the block. The repetitive musical background is strongly contrasted with both rappers’ amazing flow delivery.
Souljer For God starts very softly on some chord sounds, but the noise is ascending with gunshots in the background.The Dogmatic Phive Starr duo carry the wonderful, powerful spirit of two soldiers united in the same fight.
According to what I heard from the mixtape, I strongly advice all of you to give it a listen.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved