Presentation of a tight French rapper: Alibi Montana

Most of you know I am not that much into French hip hop. Alibi Montana, however, stands out among many French rappers. The man comes up with a sharp, surgical, merciless style of his own. Alibi Montana is a true representative of what is happening in the French ghettos.
With his witty lyrics, his very offensive hardcore style, the amazing emcee truly shows some attitude against the government’s indifference.
From la Courneuve, located in the infamous 93 department (in the outskirts of Paris), Alibi Montana perfectly knows the spleen of the ghettos.
Today my goal is to give you more insight about the authentic, raw rapper’s brand new album, Inspiration Guerrière, Warrior Inspiration.
Alibi Montana is a true representative of gangsta rap in France. Ghetto Rap is built on powerful instrumentals made of harsh drum beats and symphonic violin sounds. Like a soldier, the excellent emcee shoots some very sharp lyrics. It is a powerful outlet for his rage. With the insightful eye of a social commentator, Alibi exposes the problematic of our French ghettos.
Like NWA, he courageously stands against the police who often treats ghetto people as second zone citizens. I know by my own experience that the police often mistreats young people who don’t have the right skin color (this happened to my own son).
Poverty, haineous people who have no chance of a better future, parked in dirty places in which violence and drugs often prevail.
Alibi tells it how it is, no matter if you like it or not.
Street Fight is a beautiful, rhythmic track during which Alibi comes up like a rapper-boxer. He is ready to stomp you out lyrically. Built on chords, keyboard piano and drum sounds, the powerful song allows the talented rapper to spit his venom. He erases everything on his way.
Hip hop lovers will probably enjoy the track.
Honneur Aux Ghetto features French hardcore rapper LIM. It is an hymn to the underpriviledged ghetto folks.
Discover Alibi Montana here.
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