50 Cent: Eminem won't tour again because of his daughter (Gigwise Dot Com)

50 Cent has revealed that Eminem is reluctant to announce new tour plans because of his commitment to his daughter.
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The US rapper says that Eminem has vowed to put his role as a parent ahead of his hip-hop career.
“I’ve toured more than him because he has Hailey and he likes to physically be at the house. A lot of people don’t know the reason behind him touring less – but Hailey would put boxes in front of the door thinking this would stop him going,” 50 Cent told MTV.
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“He [Eminem] would fly back on a private plane after the show so he could drive her to school in the morning so for him the tour was exhausting.”
Eminem is understood to currently be recording his new album. The as-yet-untitled project will be his first release since 2004’s, ‘Encore.’

22 thoughts on “50 Cent: Eminem won't tour again because of his daughter (Gigwise Dot Com)”

  1. what i don’t understand: hailie lives with kim, he porbably gets to be with her once or twice a week, so how come he doesn`t have time to tour??

  2. That is so sad, i wish he could just take her wit him. she could be home schooled. I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv eminem i wanted 2 meet him my whole life, or @ least be able 2 go 2 1 of his concerts. but i’d rather him be a good dad 2 his daughter. but i will always be his # 1 fan!

  3. well marshal rocks and kim sucks.marshall is an awesome father.em’s song mocking bird makes me cry.it shows how much marshall loves hailey and alaina.and hailie does live with marshall

  4. i understand y he doesnt want 2 tour again but i have never been 2 1 of his concerts b4 and im a huge em fan so plz jus do 1 more concert in ireland so i can go 2 it! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hes so deep when it comes to his daughtor, its sweet that he’d actually do all this for Hailie. Even though in some of his raps, he completely goofs off and lets loose! 😀 only, i’m confused, Hailie is 12, like me, who’s Laney, a cousin? and at first i thought she was younger than Hailie, but she looks older, so i think she is, IM SO CONFUSED!

  6. i personaly think eminem is 1 of da best daddies a lil girl could ask 4 cuz i dnt rele have a dad but if i did he would be my 1st choice

  7. hello!!! i’m italian, i’m 15 years old!!! i think that marshall is a very good father and hailie is a very fortunatly girl!!!!! life is very difficult, and 4 survive you must fighter!!!! eminem 6 il mio mito!!ti amo!!!! i listen eminem musik when i was 9….thanks….ciao ciao!!! i love R@p!!!!

  8. i adore eminem!
    he is amazing, & i think he is an amazing dad <3
    hailie is sooooo lucky, then again, so is Alaina, Whitney & Nathan.
    eminem is brilliant to his kids, u rockkkkk eminemmmm <3
    we loveeeeeee u (L) xxxxxx

    1. how funny ” Hailie” (or should i rather call you Ashley?) that you are posting from Mantua, United States and not from the Detroit suburbs hahaha you bunch of idiotic posers, get a fucking life!

  9. Wow. It’s obvious that the person who posted as “Ashley” isn’t a mature adult. The fact that you chose to give attention to that comment and insult that person shows that you don’t act like one, either.

    1. I don’t care what you think, Michael…you don’t know me personally, so you have no right to judge my behavior. Fact is, i have been dealing for years with creepy fans and posers…now i have chosen to expose them, what you gonna do?
      Oh how funny Michael that your IP is the same as Thomas’ Janelle and Carol’s! maybe it is about time to have some balls and to post under your real identity, Mr Jeremy Brice! Or maybe you are Janelle Zapanta…whoever you are, have the courage to post under your real identity, damn…and this person is judging other people’s degree of maturity LMAO

  10. Fuck all of ya n nah bitches im marshalls #1 fan
    I know it’s crazy but i wud have it wit him even if u had aids
    Im not sayin he doez but I don’t give a fuckkkkk bitches

  11. Eminem is hands down the best rapper alive. I think he just wants to be with the on person that he loves the most. Eminem I love you bro. Best rapper that will ever live.

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