DJ Rick/ Brand New Season 07/ mixtape review

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DJ Rick is to Detroit hip hop what a warm ray of sunshine is to an icy day of winter: the emcee of Puerto Rican origins flavors the Detroit scene with some spicy Latino accents. With a unique, rhythmic style of his own, DJ Rick strikes backs with some brand new sounds for the brand new season 07. The Cd offers some interesting collaborations like B-Fatal, J-Raided and G-Money for instance and a track produced by Detroit beat maker Stir Crazy.
DJ Rick is not only here for party amusement; he also has some insightful messages to deliver, to his haters and to the kids in particular.
DJ Rick s Hate Me All You Want song stands out as far as I am concerned. Moreover, it is a song I can easily relate to.
Whatever you say, whatever you do on a public scale, there will always be haters. There is no such a prolific and boiling scene as the Detroit scene: it is fulfilled with the most amazing and original talents. However, it is spoilt by greed, personal ambitions and hatred, as most of the artists I have interviewed stated it.
Since I started writing, haters of all kinds have used the meanest tricks to attack me. I’ve been dissected, misquoted and laughed at. But the funny thing in the story is that I am feeling grateful towards my haters, because they truly increased my motivation to perfect my craft.
Intense violin and piano sounds introduce the dramatic dimension of the song. Rhythmic drums leave place to a determined person who will spread his wings, regardless of his haters. You’re not gonna break him; he ain’t no quitter. The song truly unlashes motivation and power.
We Gone Rock is a swinging invitation to party. Enthusiastic lyrics invite the listener to the dance. Unfortunately, the track’s sound quality is rather poor.
Hustle & Flow proudly reps the 313 in a dark gangsta style that is enhanced by the keyboard sounds. Picture yourself walking through the dangerous Detroit hood. I liked the dark tone of the song that features B-Fatal.
Ain’t Nobody will allow you to discover a brand new freestyle during which the Detroit emcee flows like crazy on a synthesizer background.
Let’s underline Stir Crazy’s good production on the Basement Tape song. Intense drum beats introduce DJ Rick’s incisive rhymes.
Maybe the best way to protect teenagers is to advice them to attend to their school. Today’s youths certainly need more guidance. While some conceited teachers might think « good riddance » of bad pupils dropping out of school, education is a form of protection for the kids against our society’s illness.
DJ Rick’s CD is rich of 24 tracks, including some bonuses. Globally speaking the Detroit emcees comes up with a new, refreshing energy for 2007. Good worked on instrumentals, a few energizing tracks, a nice flow delivery will allow the listener to fully appreciate DJ Rick’s original style.
Meet DJ Rick here.
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