Qwesh, a young Detroit writing talent who will catch your eye…

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‘Dru aka Qwesh of Detroit crossed my road on a hip hop board three years ago or so. We sympathized quite immediately, sharing our common passion for hip hop. Although he is very passionate about anything hip hop related, the music isn’t the only thing that makes Qwesh tick.
The young 18 year old man (who will be 19 soon) has kept a fruitful effort in developing his amazing writing skills since he was 12.
Growing up in the harsh context of the Detroit hood, raised by a single mom of five kids, Qwesh is no stranger to the word “struggle”. The tough D-Town and its hip hop sounds have deeply shaped Qwesh’s unique expression style.
Qwesh is a passionate poet, who isn’t afraid to talk about a diverse range of subjects such as interracial relationships, landscape descriptions, beauty, personal dramas…No matter what he is talking about Qwesh’s pen explodes, inviting you to delve into a scented, colorful garden of emotions and impressions.
I’d like to invite you readers for a discovery of his poems.
“I… of the Storm” is the example of a well mastered use of the words, in which Qwesh manages to draw a realistic and poetic image of a scary storm, mixing up imagination with the angry elements of nature…have a look:
…straining; I sat with a pen in my hand concentrating
I only had the idea down and it’d already began raining
Painting a picture with words; nouns, adjectives and verbs
I ain’t even started the verse and the storms immersed
Weather’s changing for the worse; thundering and wind-blows
Power flashing on and off while rain poured down the window
I sat at my desk in the middle of the room; writing
to escape reality; the sound of lightning is frightening
Storms were my biggest fear; tightened the pen in my palm
Papers blowing around the room, but I tried to stay calm
The more I concentrate; the more words spawn to write-down
But if I think too much I might-drown (that’s deep!) and right-now
I must be struggling because the room is flooding
The imagery is budding, but slowly I’m thinking of something
Words flow with the rain and the story begins to un-fold
My foot rests’ in a puddle while words spin like tornado funnel
…kaboom! Lightening strikes as the idea had sparked
Added knowledge with my smarts and emotion with my heart
The page was written; finally my masterpiece was finished
The electricity came back and the rain diminished
The weather’s back to normal and it remains-warm
Because a beautiful mind brings sunshine to enlighten a brainstorm”

Another beautiful, fresh poem is “Black Princess”. It will allow you to step into a world of deep emotions. The descriptive poem is also the background to incomprehension and jealousy from a white man’s fellows who can hardly accept the black girlfriend.
Interracial relationships might be easier than they used to be in Detroit in the early 90’s, but it will probably take time to educate some closed minded and deep rooted mentalities.
Discover a white man’s burning heart for a black lady who is the beauty personnified:
She’s black and beautiful with caramel skin and eyes almond-shape
The girl is drop-dead gorgeous… coffin-raised
She’s more than everything he’d been hoping-for
So now she’s got the key to his heart; she opened-doors
Cut the red-tape! On a stroll thru the park they met-fate
Drinks on me, this the type of love you gotta celebrate
When he showed her to his friends, yeah, they played-the-role
Hesitant to compliment her but the attention is paid-in-full
Behind his back they talk foul, probably calling him a nigger-lover
But play it cool when he’s around… they’re snakes undercover
It’s all good ’cause him and her… what’s the word; the word-is-bond
She’s influenced his daily life; his own history he’s learned-beyond
Because of her he understands other peoples-culture
and they joke about how the media makes ’em out as evil-vultures
His boys don’t come around no more; they claiming that he act-different
But deep-down we all know they just can’t accept his black-princess

If you liked what you read, discover more about the talented Qwesh here.
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