Nas/ Greatest Hits album review

Global rating of the product: 4.5 stars
A greatest hits album is either a way for the fans to re-appreciate an artist s best songs or a possibility for the neophyte to discover an artist whose work he hardly heard about.
Despite his immense talent, Nas doesn t always make unanimity among hip hop s mainstream listeners. Nas lyrical genius is often ignored while some cheap, commercial rappers are often privileged.
May this CD convince all the people who are still skeptical about Nas.
Surviving The Times is taken out of Nas’ upcoming album. The jazzy-soul musical background made of piano, keyboard, drums and trumpet sounds opens the door to ancient memories: flashback to the ancient times during which the young emcee was struggling to get a record deal. Meet Nas and his fellows in the NYC hood. Nas vocal amplitude needs to be underlined: from soft, warm to raw, from slow to powerful, it sets a light on trying times, sharing the emotional dimension with the listeners.
This song definitely belongs to your hip hop library.
Less Than An Hour is based on a dark bass and drum background. Welcome to another brilliant demonstration of indestructible flow during which the emcee blesses the mic. Like a thunderstorm, Nas will break out, stabbing vowels in a merciless manner, leaving free inspiration to his creativity.
It Ain t Hard To Tell is another Nas classic you could barely miss out.
Each single words appears as the skilled emcee’s personal creation. With a witty technique of his own, Nas will allow you to assist to a verbal typhoon.
Bridging The Gap is probably one of the most beautiful raps songs ever.
Not only does it feature Nas’ father, virtuosi trumpet player, Olu Dara, it also writes black folks musical history in its whole emotional dimension.
Bridging black musical genres, that s exactly what an attentive black music loving ear should do. Jazz, gospel, blues, soul and rap music all have common elements. They include black folks pain, sweat and musical creativity. The blues musical background of the song will allow the listeners to travel with Olu Dara whose intervention is enhanced with his son’s hip hop loving soul. I love the spirit, the great sense of rhythm, and the black conscience of the song. Don’t sleep on that one in any case!
Hate Me Now is enveloped with a dramatic musical background. The song features P Diddy. Haters can hate as much as they want, they won’t stop a talented person from reaching the top. The atmosphere is scurrilous, embodied by Escobar’s spirit.
The Nas-P Diddy duo is wittily worked on, lyrically and instrumentally as well.
Who doesn’t know Made You Look? Discover or re-discover the artist’s classic that is fulfilled with rhythmic drumbeats, explosive rhymes and an energizing spirit.
I Can is a song with an educative dimension. Built on Beethoven’s letter to Heloise, the song will progressively guide the listener’s conscience into the ghettos youths problems and aspirations. Addressing to young folks, Nas advices them to stay away from drugs and to work hard towards their dreams. You will go anywhere you want to as long as you work hard at it.
Nas is a giant in the rap game. His Greatest Hits CD summarizes years of hard work and undisputed talent: cop it with no hesitation.
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