Noah Jones, a man who lives for hip hop

Originally from Peekskill, NYC,Noah Jones has spent some time in St Louis, Missouri, before he decided to relocate to California. Noah Jones is no newcomer to the scene: the artist actually has 6 albums at his active.
Avid reader since his early childhood, Noah Jones soon developed some ability in handling words, first by writing short stories, then as a rap lyricist at the early age of 11.
Among Noah Jones’ many artistic assets, his strong voice that is capable of moving moutains.
I’d Rather Do Without is based on a powerful bass background during which Noah speaks out on real life subjects. He addresses to a friend who, apparently wasn’t able to appreciate his support to his true value. With a raspy voice sound, a good dose of anger that is symbolized by the harsh bass sounds and softened by a light rain of flute notes. Noah Jones gets as real as can be.
All I Want Is You is a rhythmic, nevertheless R n B sounding track about the woman in his life. If you like love songs, you should be delighted. Noah Jones mixes up rhythm, strength and softness at the same time on rhythmic drum beats and claps.
Betcha Man Can: every man has something to prove in front of other men when his girlfriend is present…he must prove he’s better in terms of masculinity, strength and intelligence.
On a rapid, entertaining, catchy musical background, Noah Jones flows like crazy.
Who Are You is a straight demonstration of Noah Jones’ lyrical power. Rich of sick punchlines, Noah knocks his opponents out very hard. Hip hop lovers will definitely like the battling mode with a Southern flavor.
Noah Jone’s current CD project is entitled Conscience/ Controversy and is due to release on April 2008.
Curious to know more about the skilled artist? Check him out here.
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3 thoughts on “Noah Jones, a man who lives for hip hop”

  1. I LOVE IT!!!! You are doing so great for yourself, you are making great contacts and not only that you are opening the doors for others you know hustling to make it in the industry, something you don’t have to do at all. You are real problem out there to these dudes in the industry!!!
    You are so talented and I can’t wait to the world gets to hear your music!

  2. Noah, I live in STL and I am looking for my old friend Majorie Jones married Franklin Jones. Is Franklin your brother? Please have Majorie email me. Please response even if you don’t know them.

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