Bizarre/ Bizarre's World mixtape review

Global rating of the product: 4 stars
One could easily compare D12’s Bizarre with Latin God Janus: on the one hand, you have the fat belly sick hilarious rhymer who might shock some and please some others’ ears; on the other hand you have the hip hop passionate, the man who originally took part to the St Andrews battles, the talent discoverer who introduced Obie Trice to Eminem, the person who currently hosts live rap battles.
If you ever doubted it, Rufus Johnson is a hip hop connoisseur who is very well established in the hip hop business.
Hosted by Young Mase aka Mr Detroit City, the mixtape is introduced by an outbreak of demonic laughter in the background while Bizzy presents a remix of the Fat Boy dance. Bells and violins in the background and here goes Bizarre, making crazy moves on the Fat Boy dance. The atmosphere is euphoric as the curtain opens on D12 s Weirdo.
As the music goes on, be ready for some good psychopathic gangsta rap made in the Dirty Mitten during which you will be able to discover a lyrical witty Bizarre who walks and talks like a gangsta.
Track 3 has a filthy, humorous content. Soft, elastic keyboard sounds fully enhance the dirty-nasty song.
On track 4 , you will get dizzy with Bizzy of D-Twizzy: a crazy sounding musical background will lead you into the forbidden world of pills, weed smoking, ecstasy, orange mushrooms and yellow stars.
During Bizzy’s trip, you will feel a strange modification of his perceptions while he progressively skips the real world.
Violins, gunshots and crazy keyboard sound will plot together in order to create more excitement. Track 6 is a Bizarre-King Gordy association and other crazy trips to the moon.
Track 8 is more disappointing: very much RnB sounding, with a commercial appeal, the song is not among my favorites. Also, to offer some constructive criticism, I’m not feeling Bizzy’s club songs. It’s a matter of taste, I guess.
Track 10 is taken out of Bizarre s Blue Cheese N Coney Island album. One will recognize the beautiful So Hard song featuring the amazing vocal talent Monica Blair. Big Up on that one!
Track 11 is constructed on gunshots and catchy drum beats in which Bizzy sends some explosive lyrical bullets. I like the sick way he reps his hood.
Track 13 unveils the complicity that unites Bizarre and Kon Artis. Follow both artists’ strange clowning in the hostile hood.
Track 15 offers some humorous views on a bad purple dro trip.
Given the numerous track Bizarre’s World has to offer, I won’t review them track by track. However, and globally speaking, Rufus Johnson has done some good work, placing a special effort on the lyrical part of his CD. The instrumental richness also needs to be pointed out.
Sometimes overshadowed by Eminem’s success, Bizarre has succeeded in standing out. He has found his place as an independent artist besides his common work with the D12 group.
Entertaining, rich of many different styles, full of humor, the mixtape will allow you to travel through Bizarre’s mind. Humor, filthiness, drug addiction. You will also discover an artistic spirit that is totally dedicated to hip hop.
Don’t be afraid to enter Bizarre’s world: you will discover an artist of many colorful faces.
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