Enter Rugged N Raw's enraged universe…

On a blues/soul sample with some rock’n roll accents, Rugged N Raw will take you by storm, with the force of a verbal hurricane. Some of you might dislike the mysoginistic content of his harsh and sarcastic Love Man, but one has to admit that the man handles his reps with an amazing verbal dexterity. You are gonna love his sense of rhythm, this strong voice, his hustle and flow attitute. In short the NYC artist possesses an incredible talent!
With the same rage and hardcore spirit, on a bouncy musical background made of catchy drum beats and keyboard sounds, Rugged N Raw spits his venom in Let The Ugly Out.
He Man This Is It: yes, this is how Rugged N Raw does it. A mad flow delivery, some witty punch lines a crazy musical background and an incredible strength characterize Rugged N Raw’s artistic power.
RNR is a powerful track that features underground legends Sean Price and Papoose whose mixtape king reputation spread all over the world. The song is a strong demonstration of the artists’ know how.
Don’t sleep on Rugged N Raw. You will be able to discover more about the incredible artist at his personal website and my space account.
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