Illingsworth: a subtle taste of Detroit hip hop, lounge and experimental sounds

Based on a rhythmic instrumental background made of swinging drum beats, This Is For Yall sends out some sharp minded and inventive lyrics from the mouth of a lyrical surgeon. You will probably love the subtle way he operates on a soft and sensual saxophone background , totally killing it with his raw words and his confident flow delivery. Don ‘t sleep on this track: it is decidated to you all and beautifully handled from the beginning to the end.
Write On is equally rhythmic and built on repetitive sounds while the emcee on the mic totally promotes free expression. If you like subtle vowel plays, you will probably get hooked with the track mentioned above.
A very dark bass musical background totally describe the anguish of emcees struggling for an every day hustle. The dynamic duo will teach you about combining musical skills and the right pimping attitude that will make you succeed in the rap game.
Hey has a soft soul resonance. The song is nevertheless fulfilled with a strong conquerror spirit. You can’t stay indifferent in front of the well handled gangsta track.
The mixture of rough and soft element, the good use of instrumentals in order to describe the proper atmosphere, the original and creative use of the lyrics make Illingsworth very worth your full attention.
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Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
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