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I recently reviewed a highly skilled artist from Virginia who goes by the nickname Jewlybonz. Luckily, the brilliant artist granted me an interview that I will share with all of you. For more info about Jewlybonz, check him out here.
1.What motivated you to enter the rap game?
Well the motivation and purpose for me to be another amplifier in this congested industry just comes from me wanting to help others find self-assurance when feeling boxed in by life’s intricacies, and to be able to educate others thru my business progressions. I came from very little and a few life threatening moments but I couldn’t continue that way so I decided to write about it and it came out in the form a rap. From there Jewlybonz was born
2. Can you tell us-within a few words- about you?
To keep the readers eyes on me for the full interview I’m going to keep it short. Basically I’m from the hood as most and from a hustling mother so you know I’m born bread. I’m a loyal father of three girls. I’ve been on both sides of the human experience, life within the free world and from behind the walls. I own two companies with my partner for life Marco. We also CEO Jazzy Management East. So to basically sum it up I’m an ordinary dude and I represent the struggle kind of like a worn down building in the projects lol
3. Who is your biggest musical influence?
Even though I’m an 80’s baby my deepest influences has to come from the 60’s and 70’s that era was so pure and soulful. You see infomercials about that time piece circa to this very day I don’t foresee the current generation of music being populated like that in the future
4. In your opinion,which elements of your music make you appear as unique in the game?
I truly think that my whole disposition is indifferent to everyone out there from my flow and word play to music selection to how I build and put songs together to how I rap with a chip on my shoulder, but my biggest has to be my sound.
5. What is the accomplishment you are the most proud of?
To be able to raise 3 daughters in these days and time and still be able to two companies with the greatest, mentor, friend, and individual that I know Marco!
6. Which -underground or mainstream- emcee do you respect most, and why?
I respect all underground emcees for the fact of being able to let the mainstream stardom pass them by. On the mainstream side though I really respect common and his whole movement about educating our youth with the proper morale and I really respect Jay-z for his whole hustle and business abilities!
7. Which artists have you collaborated with already?
I’ve worked with a number of artist from both coast but my favorites are Kaila Valdez, Kaneik Lynnese, and Joey Gallo and Canayda
8. Who do you intend to collaborate with in a near future?
Sonja Blade, Eastwood, Fred Knuxx, Jermaine Dupree, Mc Lite, Big Sty, Jelly, and Young Dollas that dude is nice
9. If you could improve anything about the current state of hip hop, what would it be?
I would improve the realness of the music and the artist development! The powers that be mainly the labels are losing interest in teaching artist how to be an artist because of all the commercial capitol that has been inherited into hip hop
10. Besides hip hop, what kind of music do you listen to?
Well I love rib music it relaxes my stress and brings me back down out of my character Jewlybonz I’m also a rock baby and I like the blues when I’m kicking it with my uncle he’s sharp when it comes to the blues!
11. What is your preference: old school or new school?
The way I see it is you have to appreciate both new and old in order to know where the future of music needs to be!
12. Any musical projects for 2007/2008?
On deck is my album Born Accountable and I have a few majors bidding over that project as we speak. I’m going to be one of those special situations where I was in my living room today and in yours tomorrow!!
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