Kenan Waters, a young emcee who hails from Leicester, UK…

At the very young age of 14, Kenan Waters already possesses some good artistic skills that will probably allow him to be considered as outstanding in the future.
High Weather uses a contrast between light and dark, soft and raw. The soft chorus is based on a Barbara Streisand sample. But don’t let the soft notes fool you from the whole dimension of the song: here comes an offensive emcee with a powerful voice, a strong flow delivery and determination to make it in the rap game.
Every Day starts with some disaccorded piano notes combined with keyboard sounds. Again, the listener will feel the powerful rhymers will to conquer his audience. He raps about the every day knife violence that is so typical to the UK’s daily life. The knife related culture spoils so many people s life. Kenan Waters tells it the way it is. The lack of love is killing society.
This track is definitely worth your attention.
New Kid is a very rhythmic track that fully underlines the artist s good rapping skills. Yes, he s only 15. But Kenan Waters knows how to do it!
Check out the UK underground emcee from Leicester here.
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  1. Kenan is a really good rapper. He will be really successful, carry on Kenan, we support you! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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