Nish Eastwood SCG: a sharp taste of Eastcoast rap

Nish Eashwood s words operate like the sharpest razors. The artist perfectly knows how to communicate the passion in a the merciless world of hip hop, in which hustle and flow both matter.
Using soft female vocals and light piano notes, Nish Eastwood slowly introduces you into State City with his Welcome To State City track. His sharp minded, knife alike spirit totally corroborates with the artist s raw voice. Nish knows how to communicate the passion for his universe while he spits his rhymes with a murderous spirit.
In High Stakes, the listeners will also be able to fully appreciate the artist’s lyrical skills. The song features Slugg. Don t be affraid to visit the hood with Nish virtually. Armed with his lyrical bullets, the skilled artist manages to bless the mic and to carry the proud spirit of a winner. The song is rich of a various instrumental background that suggests situations of high tension and overheated speech. Hardcore hip hop lovers are definitely gonna love it!
It Is Wut It Is is built on violin and keyboard sounds. The song is aimed at all of them judgemental people. Some things will never change. Feel the rage in Nish s raspy voice.
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