Lil Eazy E interview by Vice Versa Of Deux Process (featured on Lil Eazy's my space)

Lil E Interview for
ViseVersa of Deux Process had a chance to exclusively ask
Lil E questions before his album is released on Virgin Records in 2006.
1. With the fact that your father was a pioneering force in west coast hip hop scene, as well as one of its first businessmen, what inspirations do you draw from his life and career and how do you plan to carve your own legacy in hip hop?
I inherited street knowledge and a strong business mind. I plan to carve my own legacy by picking up where my father left off. I plan to keep his legacy alive for years to come.
2. The Album, “The Prince of Compton” is your introduction to the mainstream audience, though your mixtapes have been circulating in the streets for the past couple years, how long have you been working on the album? What songs are your favorite, and do you have any memorable stories from creating your debut album?
I’ve been working on “Prince of Compton” for a little over a year and a half.
I have a lot of favorites for different reasons. “Shot Gun” is kind of like Cube’s ‘Good Day’ meanwhile, ‘They Know Me” is an in depth look at my life, my experiences growing up in the streets of Compton. ‘This Ain’t A Game’ featuring Bone Thugs is taking you back to Ruthless…hadda connect with them.
“Drive By Music” which cameo’s Ice Cube is another one. The list goes on but I want the fans to listen to ‘Prince of Compton’ and choose their favorites.
Memorable moments in the studio with D.O.C, Bone Thugs, working with cube and all the talented producers that did their thing.
3. What was the pivotal moment in your life that made you decide to pursue music? How long have you been writing, and recording music?
Pivotal moment was about 4 1/2 years ago. I just got fed up with the lack of respect my pops got as well as others trying to exploit his legacy.
I’ve been writing and recording a little over 4 years.
4. Do you think west coast artists feel more pressure now to live up to and carry the torch of the previous generation of artists? People alwayssay they are “bringing the west coast back”, do you feel pressure to represent the N.W.As and Eazy-Es of this new generation?
I think most west coast artist are aware of how N.W.A changed the face and history of hip hop so the pressure is definitely there.
I don’t feel the pressure because it’s part of who am, how I was raised and basically inherited the throne to represent like my father did.
5. How did you first hear about Myspace? What can people expect from you in the future?
I heard about myspace threw word of mouth.
What can be expected… PROPER representation of my father’s legacy and west coast with a Lil Eazy-E twist.

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