Talking about favorite instruments…

Imagine a world without music, deprived of any bird song, a world in which sounds would be forbidden for good…I know I can t.
As far as I can look back, music has always been part of my life. Very early I have been taught how to discriminate between different instruments and to make real differences between different notes and sounds.
Having a good general musical culture, I am much more attracted to black music. Hip hop in particular plays a major role in my life.
I think that each of us has his/ her favorite instruments. Here are the ones that really know how to please my ears:
– the oboe: its very subtle, fine sound often opens the prelude to intense dramas. This instrument speaks directly to the heart and will transport you into the musician or composer s universe. Maybe Wagner s Tristan shaped my ear and increased my interest for this particular instrument.
– the violin is maybe one of the most emotional instruments. From slow to rapid, soft to darker tones, the violin deeply touches the human soul and beautifully describes its changing moods.
Essential component in a consistent symphonic work, violins totally fit into gipsy music. You can find them in any musical genres, as a major element of many compositions. It offers many artists the possibility to marry them violins with a rougher instrumental background in order to offer the listener a mental opposition between soft and raw. This is very likely to happen within many hip hop tracks.
-the saxophone has inspired many musicians. Also very popular in Jewish culture, the saxophone is almost human in its way of drawing human states of mind, from laughter to darker moods. It has a wonderful, sensual resonance in jazzy or soul tracks. I’d recommend any of you saxophone lovers Eric Daniel s Old Sax Nu Soul album. It is maybe one of the best worked on contemporary work on the sensual instrument.
– Cypress Hill’s drummer, Eric Bobo made me appreciate the art of drumming to the fullest. The artist s incredible sense of rhythm and undeniable gift left some unforgettable memories of his Latino flavored drum sounds at the Anger Management Tour 2003.
– I also love the nearly mystical yet with an erotic connotation beautiful violoncello. Built like a woman’s curvy body, its profound sound will probably move many of your hearts. It can be the theater of dramatic events.
Music can be viewed as a whole…however, the instruments mentioned above will always have a special place in my heart.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
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