Dumpin, an old school D12 flavored Eminem song in collaboration with Eye Kyu

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Here is a rhythmic, less known old Eminem song that will probably raise some enthusiasm about some original Eminem fans. Typical of the former D12 instrumental background made of dark bass sounds with a definite jazzy soul note in it, Dumpin will certainly remind you of the beautifully handled D12 Underground EP.
Not only does this song have this unique old school D12 flavor, it is also spiced up with Eminem ‘s obvious lyrical wordplays. Feel the tension of some dark accords based on catchy drum beats that will introduce you into the wordsmith s very astute plays.
Here goes the first verse, let’s observe how the brilliant emcees smashes words together with his incredible and unique know how:
Ayo, I’ma pit-bull terrier, triple darin’ ya, scarin’ ya with a derringer
ready to make you wet like a Submariner, tearin’ ya frame out with homicidal lines
Bringin’ the drama an the trauma to ya mama’s vital signs (Blaw!)
A verbal shot fired, this mic’s been hot wired, uppercuts to your chin knockin’ your snot skyward
Rappers wanna be screenplay actors, so I’m givin’ them spine fractures
like linebackers on the Green Bay Packers, an roll over ’em backwards
Dirty Dozen, I’m someone you just don’t wanna see like a nerdy cousin
So keep your distance when I get this tense, you see my fist clench
It’s gonna be some bullets dispensed, you besta keep yo premescence fixed
Your mistense, any resistance, get you voided like mis-prints
You’ll end up with no teeth left makin’ a beef threat
When I look up on your set, don’t get it twisted like Keith Sweat

Gifted emcee and best friend to Marshall Mathers, Deshaun Holton goes on, breaking words like fragile pieces of chalk, with his typical, raspy voice:
A proven fact my pact got your whole team movin’ back
We never losin’ slack, I paid dues in rap
I’m runnin’ crews my shoes are tapped
My right is choosin’ gats, my thugs ?-use ?-acks
Relax an catch a contact, to an amusin’ track, slugs dispatched
On any street risen? mismatched
My team’ll get busy like rednecks on some 6 packs
My fist crack the featherweight, my word’s’ll never break
A clever snake’ll be forever fake, let me get this cheddar straight
Makin’ dough is a part, so is the heart, my flow is the art
Me an the mic Gomez like Lois & Clark
Weapons concealed until death, now see ’em, my chrome shatter bones that lack calcium,
Knockin’ domes out the ballpark, your dawgs is all bark, plus you got a small heart
Now save them corny lines for Hallmark
I wanna the sunny days & money paid in they figures
A microphone fiend an on my own team there’s fake niggas
Mum’s they rocked the cradle, I spot the fable
They made the shop an stable, with grass top the table
The glock enable when I pop the fatal, phonies that I plot pre-natal wax
The player haters never make it back
I’m dumpin

Eye Kyu is also known as a key collaborator of Em’s beginning work. The emcee manages to play the second part with an amazing verbal facility. The song also features a less known emcee named B-Flat.
Sit back and relax while enjoying both emcee s astute street poetry. The former song is certainly worth your attention. Keep it in your library.
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