Britain definitely needs to educate its youths better

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It is quite shocking to an accurate observer that a wealthy country such as Britain seems to totally let its youngsters down.
The British press often seems to complain about the knife related culture that prevails in the country and about the many murders committed by teenagers. While the press seems outraged by what it calls  youth gangs , yobs ,  Asbos  or whatsoever, it is yet encouraging bad behaviors from kids as little as 6, while depicting them as gangs .
I could observe that many young people in the UK seem to be obsessed by a US hip hop culture most of them are totally ignorant of. In their minds, wearing a hoodie, smoking a joint, carrying knifes and guns, makes real gangstas (or what they call Chav in British slang) of them.
Most of them (with maybe an exception for those who come from poor places such as Brixton) are in fact horrible spoilt kids from the London or other UK suburbs, whose parents are comfortable enough to rent a dwelling or detached house with a garden in a soft, residential area. Most of them don t really lack any material comfort.
Most of those kids are also let down by their parents, whether they are too busy with their jobs or do have very poor parenting skills.
I have seen kids as little as 10 hang out with other kids after 10 pm in the streets, carrying knives with a stupid sense of pride, claiming to be gangstas. The UK cops would probably have called them a gang.
Come on, you all need to put those stupid kids in place! Don’t call them gangs, because they really have no idea about what a real gang actually is.
Calling them gangstas will only increase their pride and make them feel important.
You need to be more severe with parents allowing their underage kids (especially below 14) to hang out in the streets with some knives. Parents have legal obligation to watch their kids. You also need to sanction parents allowing their kids to get drunk during the weekend!
If parents don’t comply with their legal obligations, then their kids should be placed in a foster home and educated the right way.
School should also play a major role in terms of education and behavior. What do you think? If primary school teachers are too much afraid to punish 7 year olds who spit on them, what do you expect from high school teachers to do?
If parents don’t master their 6 year old and if they actually grant him everything he wants, how do they really expect their kid to behave a decade later?
The British society created little monsters. But it is never to late to re educate a generation of spoilt kids. Maybe some of them wealthy British kids need to understand that they are in no way superior to other people because their parents can afford to buy them Dior clothes or Louis Vuitton bags. They definitely need to be re- taught respect towards adults in general and school staff in particular.
It is utterly shocking (and scary as well) to see kids like Stuart Hartling-a teenager described by a psychiatrist as Britain s most dangerous teenager- kill a 33 year old woman out of boredom and fantasize about murder at the same time. Such apprentice murderers usually develop their psycho behavior when left without any adult supervision.
The justice also seems resign from its original power. See, a young man like Stuart Harling will be able to walk free after a few years while he really deserved a life sentence! Such monsters think they have the right to act the way they act, because everybody ( the press, the Court, the contemporary society) increases their feelings of power.
Honestly, something needs to be done about the kids that spoil whole neighborhoods by committing crimes deliberately without knowing any limits. It is worthless to show some teenagers from Essex wearing bandanas, throwing snowballs in winter against car drivers on TV and to call them gang members. Those are far from being gang members. They are just a bunch of bored kids who need to find an interesting occupation instead of becoming a neighborhood nuisance.
Parents and schools need to work together, if we really want things to change. Maybe different associations could offer bored kids more interesting activities such as basket ball, computing, theater, etc.
Don’t forget that today’s youths will shape tomorrow s adults. We don t want generations of spoilt and insensitive knife related idiotic murderers, do we?
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  1. what no response
    well i couldnt agree more i was involved in a gang when i was a teen but i was lucky my family could see i was getting more and more withdrawn from the real world and helped me get back on the right path its never to late to change but it is hard to chnge because when your in a gang you follow the gangs rules not the law so sometimes its hard to seperate gang rules from real world rules
    “you can over come anything with love”
    Alan Robinson

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