Pure Detroit fire: Phat Kat's brand new Jay Dee produced Cold Steel video

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The Detroit hip hop scene barely sleeps: its boiling scene of gifted artists is constantly on the move.
Phat Kat aka Ronnie Cash will bring some hot fire into the cold city of cement. His brand new video features Elzhi of Slum Village.
Cold Steel might shock some sensitive stomachs, but it draws a realistic picture of the Detroit hood where people get gunned down easily.
With his confident flow delivery that is enhanced by some harsh electric guitar sounds combined with some rhythmic drum beats, Ronnie Cash introduces you into the dark world of the Murder Capital. Strident violin sounds in the background will reinforce the tough world of Detroit’s fallen soldiers.
The gun that is shown during the video is a reminder of the harshness of life in the hood. You can anticipate the dramatic dimension of the song while listening to the instrumental and visual background. The viewer will see an environment made of cold buildings, abandoned houses, and cold steel.
You gotta love Phat Kat s way of telling things. No place for a soft bubble gum world. This is the way things are: the Detroit hood is a tough universe.
Instrumentally and artistically, the video is lead from the hand of a master. Phat Kat has an interesting social comment to deliver. He points an offensive finger at the American government’s whereabouts. He will remind us that kids of the age of three only are getting killed in the hood.
As one would probably know, Bush is responsible for most of the problems people face in the hood today in America; weapons, drug deals and poverty are the consequences of our greedy politicians way of acting in this world.
Phat Kat’s way of telling things won t leave attentive listeners indifferent. Discover the Cold Steel video here
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