Urban Transport: jazz made in Detroit

With its bass and piano accents in the background, Urban Transport will enhance the very soft chillout atmosphere of their Invitation song. Invitation is literally an invitation to hang around and to gently travel through the group s universe. The listener will probably love the mixture of softness and dynamic hammering piano sounds in the middle of the track.
Bass and drums introduce Freedom Jazz Dance, a beautiful, rhythmic track that will probably motivate you to dance along with the track.
Maiden Voyage draws a colorful ambience. Catchy beats, piano notes and drum beats will work together in order to create feelings of excitement and amusement through the music. Trumpets and trombones are also here to spice up the track.
Tokyo Blues is fulfilled with nostalgy and joy; The very sensula saxophone tones in the background will certainly increase your hunger for this gifted group s music.
Listen to Urban Transport here.
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