Sean Price/ Jesus Price Supastar/ album review

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A brand new album has been released a while ago. It is Sean Price s Jesus Price Supastar. Sean Price s main strength as an emcee are certainly his verbal ease in creating astute wordplays. Follow him into his world, a world in which faith and rapping skills are deeply interconnected.
After a short introduction, the cocky rhymer will punch his enemies in a very merciless manner in Like You. Keyboard sounds, soft vocals and a computerized dark voice announce Sean Price s venue.
Among the most noticeable songs you will find Cardiac. Cardiac is characterized by a nice flow delivery and some good rhyming skills. The overheated atmosphere is softened by the vocals.
Another good demonstration of lyrical power is the King Kong song during which Sean Price blesses the mic with an amazing dexterity and loads of confidence. Based on conqueror symphonic violins and some catchy beats, Sean Price takes over in no time.
One is rich of a spiritual meaning. The song will bring the listener back to the spiritual notion of God s unity and-by extension- to other concepts of unity: one love, one mic, one son, one knowledge, one foundation…
Globally speaking, the CD is rich of some good pieces of work. Obviously Sean Price knows how to rhyme and to captivate his public. His lyrical strength, his good flow delivery probably won t leave him unnoticed on the rap scene. Some of his vocals or instrumentals, however, don t seem to always match with some of his songs. They could be improved a little bit in order to strengthen the meaning that is behind the different songs of the album.
Have a look at Sean Price s Jesus Price Supastar album that will lead you into his spiritual war of words.
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