Street Spectacles

There is no such pleasure than a free spectacle you are invited to watch while walking in the streets: it is even more fun when the event is unorganized and improvised for the viewer s eyes greatest pleasure.
I had the chance to watch a group of young break dancers on a public place whose charisma, physical agility and dexterity was quite impressing.
Proof was that they attracted a wide range of viewers of all ages.
Besides their gift for break dance acclaimed by the majority of an enthusiastic public, the young break dancers also managed to captivate their public with a variety of rhythmic pantomimes.
At the beginning of the spectacle, one could have thought that the group that accompanied the break dancers didn t really fit, because of the structure of the instrumental composition. I thought so too. But I was wrong.
Tuba, clarinet, violin, drums and other loud instruments totally enhanced the atmosphere of the improvised show during which the orchestra interpreted the well known Jewish Nava Haguila Nava.
An unanimous ovation acclaimed break dancers and musicians.
Open your eyes, your heart and your spirit, because the streets had a story to tell on this occasion.
I d like to thank those young people for sharing their gift with a thirsty crowd.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

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