The election of Sarkozy: the beginning of a disaster?

On May the 6th, 2007, 53% of the French population gave its voices to Nicolas Sarkozy, voting in favor of a man who promises to rebuild France economically, to re-create work and to give hope to the most hopeless people. Last Sunday, he claimed to give people of different ethnic backgrounds the same chances and severely condemned racial discrimination.
Sarkozy made a whole speech in favor of America and claimed to do his best to help African countries.
Full of self pride and of authoritarian principles, Mr Sarkozy presented himself as France s new Messiah.
Well, I would have granted him a chance, if it wasn t the same man, who ignited severe trouble in our ghettos back in 2005.
When somebody claims to be able to run a country, he should also be able to choose the words that come out of his mouth carefully.
If Sarkozy is against discrimination of any kind, why does he discriminate against young people from poor economic backgrounds? Why does he have to use demeaning words such as scums to define young people from the ghetto? Why would he claim to clean them up with a karcher?
Isn t that metaphor very close to the Nazis methods aiming at the Jewish people s extermination?
Mr Sarkozy, who claims to be the solution to the high unemployment figures in France already pointed a discriminatory finger at the jobless, calling them lazy if they stay unemployed over 6 months. Non content to do so, he also created some masked fake jobs in order to flatter the job center statistics, but that won t help poor people on a concrete basis while being in Jacques Chirac s government. Those jobs are (please seize the irony here) called contracts of the future. Contracts of the future take at least 70 % of poor people s welfare that goes directly into the employer s account. All fiscal deductions beside , the subscribers of those mischievous contracts – I mean people on welfare- will earn 100 euros as a whole for an entire month of work. Wow, I sense some progress!
Mr Sarkozy might be perceived positively in Great Britain, but the British media s vision of this politician is a wrong perception of France s reality.
Mr Sarkozy happens to be a great admirer of Mr Blair and is known to spend some of his weekends in London.
Mr Blair also seems to be a huge source of inspiration for Sarkozy s economical vision of France. However, a system that woks for a liberal economy such as Great Britain could dig France s future grave. France needs economical solutions that are adapted to its own system and mentality. In the same way, you could barely make a « little America » of France. America is a federal state, France is a centralized state, which is completely different. Mr Sarkozy doesn t even seem to be conscious of those obvious differences that make a country s personality.
Sarkozy claims to be Africa s new hope. I am not convinced that a man who spreads racist discourses is even preoccupied with Africa s destiny.
So what matters to Mr Sarkozy?
Power, money, and domination, as far as I am concerned.
A good part of the French population has been blinded by a greedy liar that is closer to a dictator than to a democrat.
Just after his elections, riots and manifestations started, particularly within the ghettos.
Let s see what the future holds for a France lead by a man who is obsessed with power and glory. Sarkozy already proved that he didn t really care about the underprivileged .
Lets meet again in 5 years.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “The election of Sarkozy: the beginning of a disaster?”

  1. Just because one is intelligent enough to support a nation who fights terrorism and correctly discriminate people who only bring trouble to the society one has to be a nazi or “not care about the underpriviliged”?
    There are some really short-minded people in this world and it’s because of these people the world is not better than it is now.

  2. Nicely done Isabelle…
    You are a “great” journalist…you tell the facts and set the record straight…that’s what makes you the best!!!

  3. I’m french and what you’re saying is not totally true, you can speak about your country but you can’t understand the situation in my country. We have to wait and see, but I can say you honestly that I don’t want to pay taxes to help people who don’t deserve it. Sarkozy just want to put thugs in jail, I think it’s normal, so why people can’t understand this. Young people doesn’t like him just because he reduces some liberties in order to protect people. Yes I don’t like to be controlled by cops because I wear a baggy and a cap, but I have done nothing wrong, it takes just a few minutes, after that you can talk easily with them. People are fed up about violence and disrespect, that’s why they want more security (so less liberty), just few people make trouble and it’s a bad image for my country, you can visit France I guaranty you won’t be hurt or attacked by someone, or you don’t have luck.But thanks for this article.

  4. Just to add that in France, young people want money without working, but it’s impossible, and the people who create riots in what you call “ghettos” are this people, they are too stupid to do something good about their lifes.I bought my first Adidas shoes at the age of 18, but them have it at 5 years old, so they don’t manage their money like they have to do.

  5. I fully understand the situation in “your country”, that is also mine. I might be totally fluent in English, but I am French too and believe me, I fully understand what is going on with Sarkozy!

  6. To the first commentator: if talking about eliminating young people with a karcher is not a racist statement to you, then either you are totally blinded about the man Sarkozy actually is, or you must condone racism and discrimination in some way.
    it is so easy to misunderstand the situation in our ghettos if you haven’t lived there…if it is true that there are some troublemakers and lazy people in the zone, some other young people are not given the means to make any progress or to find some decent jobs…some young people from the second or third generation of immigrants are constantly discrimnated against and viewed as second zone citizens.
    In France, a specific kind of racism is becoming “politically correct” with the UMP party…and no, sorry Sarko is not the hero who will solve unemployment and misery in France, i don’t think so…obviously i am not the only one to be dissatisfied with his election…

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