Larceny Ent, another raw taste of LA

With their astute mixture of soft and dark instrumentals, Larceny Ent will take you violently, by surprise. Squaq’d Out is based on oboe, soft clarinet notes that are constantly contrastring with the harsh electric guitar sounds and rhythmic claps. Feel the determination in the gritty voices of the group. Those guys are not playing. They perfectly know how to keep it ghetto and real.
Gotta Be Him is built on isolated piano notes combined with violins and an electric guitar background. Lyrically, the track is a banger too. You gotta love the rythmic dimension of the song.
Drums are rolling, instrumentals work together in order to process the dynamic spirit of Larceny Ent. Rhymes and flow are lead with a mastering spirit. Catchy beats will reinforce the conquerror spirit of the song.
Fly Away will enlighten a softer note of the dynamic group that is determined to spread its wings. The jazzy-soul dimension of the song is a delight for a black music lover’s ears.
The moving track is dedicated to all mothers who have lost a son in the streets and to all the people who have lost a homie.
Hungry for more? Check Larceny Ent here.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

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  1. Thank you for the support on the L Gang.Hood looking out. The artists on our company are Young Hootie,Silkk Calone,City Boy and the Larceny affiliates are Will Blast,GWF,Daddy Bill,Ferm Padilla,El Dorado Red,Trackkings,B Dot,DJ Nikbean and the Trapgang.

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