TI tells Eminem how to deal with Slim Shady(New York Arts&Events article)

“T.I. is trying to tell Marshall how to deal with Slim based on how he deals with Tip. Then Tip butts in, like, ‘You can’t tell nobody nothing.’ Then Em comes in and tells me, ‘Who are you to tell me anything?’ I was like, ‘I’m just trying to help, homie.’” —T.I./ Tip, describing a new song in which he gives Marshall Mathers/Eminem/Slim Shady some advice about their alter egos [MTV]
“I’m hoping when [audiences] sit down and watch it and see that it’s kind of this slice-of-life, character-driven drama with some humor to it, they won’t think, ‘Whoa, wait a minute. Where are the fart jokes?’” —Comedian Ken Marino, on his new movie Diggers [Premiere]
“My daughter doesn’t need to inherit a giant Hefty bag full of flannel f***ing shirts … A sweater, a guitar, and the lyrics to ‘Teen Spirit’ — that’s what my daughter gets.” —Courtney Love, who is selling the rest of late husband Kurt Cobain’s belongings at a Christie’s auction [Spinner]
“This movie is about good and evil. Also religion plays a big part [in the visuals] … like James [Franco] laying, with the sun rising at the end like a sacrificed lamb or Tobey in the second one being over the people in the tram like he’s Jesus.” — Kirsten Dunst, on the Bible’s impact on the Spider-Man trilogy [Dark Horizons]
“I think a large diamond studded platinum satanic pentagram would be a little more fitting for him.” —Mark Dice, whose Christian organization, the Resistance, is calling for 50 Cent to stop wearing a cross [Baller Status] —Lindsey Thomas

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