Duke s raw accents of Californian rap

The CEO of Redline Records also known as Duke takes over in a very offensive manner. With his great confidence, his gritty voice, a dark instrumental background, strident sirens that take over your mentals like a subliminal message, Duke introduces you into his tough world of his Californian hood with his Rubbish song featuring John Doe.
Welcome to saccaded piano notes and distorted instrumentals that will push the listener into a very chaotic universe. Birth Control fully enlightens Duke s rapping skills.
Break Wide is based on a monotonous rythmic background. The main weakness of the song is that instrumentals and lyrics don t seem to really match together.
This Ones For You is quite annoying as well. As much as the first songs attracted my attention, the following ones show some real weaknesses. The artist s voice isn t at its top either on Break Wide and This Ones For You. Generally speaking both songs give the listener an overall impression of morosity.
However, and because of the Rubbish and Birth Control songs, I d like to invite you to visit Duke s my space account.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved